Nudibranch: Shaun the Sheep


It has been a very exciting time for us in Pulau Tiga, many years in the waiting and it came in the most tiny form and underwater.  The discovery of a species of nudibranch that was noted only to be found in Japan and Bali was recently discovered in Pulau Tiga.  The nudi is called “Shaun the Sheep” – Costasiella Kuroshimae. The first known discovery of this nudibranch was made off the Kuro Island, in the Yaeyama Islands, of Japan.

The discovery, all thanks to a professional dive instructor Rudy Matt, of Try Scuba Sdn Bhd ( who has many years teaching scuba diving and underwater photography.

Here in this picture, there are 7 of them on the same spot:

Shaun The Sheep picture2
picture1 rudy-matt


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